Saw Blade Sharpening

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CBN Grinding Wheels/Diamond Grinding Wheel for Saw Blades Machines;

Famous machines supplier: Eyan, Vollmer, AMADA, ECE45

Saw Blade Machine

Grinding and chamfering in one set up.For manufacturing and for resharpening of circular saw blades with straight- and curved tooth.

CBN/Diamond Grinding Wheels for Sawing Machines; All tooth pitches with advantageous CBN-grinding with high surface quality and accuracy; Cutting- and clearance angle freely selectable.

Grinding wheel thickness independent from the tooth pitch.


Our products could be applied in the machines includeing Saw Blade Sharpening Machine, Tools Grinder, Circular Knives and Slitter Knives Grinding machine, Saw Blade Machine,

Precision Drill Sharpener, Quick Saw Blade Chamfering Machines, CNC Computer Tools Grinder, CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Machine, CNC Saw Blade Chamfering Machine and CNC circular knives & slitter knives grinder.

 CBN-abrasive grinding with effective cooling guarantees high stock removal rates coupled with optimum surface quality. Different pitches can be machined using the same grinding wheel thickness, which means a very small number of grinding wheels needs to be stocked

CBN Grinding Wheels with Regular Size as follow: Grinding Wheel Specification: 





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