Rubber Grinding Wheel for Metal Card Clothing

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Ctoolmake specially Produces Rubber Bond Carding Grinding Wheel, Designed for the grinding of tops and fillets of carding cloth. The rubber bonded Carding wheels are suitable for use on Low Carbon, High Carbon and Stainless Steel wires to meet different requirement of customer.



Carding Grinding Wheels for Cylinder, doffer, lickerin with the Outer Diameters as below:

Diameter 220,

Diameter 200,

Diameter 180;


Carding Grinding Wheels, their Abrasive grit sizes are available in a broad range from coarse 60 grit to 800 fine grit, depending on the finish required to satisfy the coarse and fine grinding. The regular grit size is 150#, 240#, 380#, 520#, 700#.

Grades available from flexible to rigid and from soft to hard in grinding applications. Special tapered sides available to the customers specification.

The advantages of Carding Grinding Wheel with Rubber Bond;

1. Accurate grinding on Card Cloth.

2. Burr free and cool grinding.

3. Dimensional accuracy ensure best results in gang formations.

4. Resilient bonds ensure no cracking, chipping or breaking.

5. Consistent quality.

Your questions and requirement on Carding Grinding Wheels are welcomed at any time. 

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