Corrugated Grinding Wheel

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Offers Diamond And CBN Grinding Wheels Compatible With Razor Slitting Blades Applied In Corrugated Carton Board Industry.

And Requires To Keep A Honed Edge Of Razor Slitting Blades In Excellent Grade Of Cemented Carbide Or  Under Strenuous Manufacturing. Models can be cooperated with BHS, JUSTU, KAITUO, TCY, MIGNWEI, MARQUIP, etc.

 Most Popular Models of Diamond Stone and CBN Stones size:


Diamond/CBN Stone Specifications



To Sharp Slitting Knives Corrugated Carton Board











Diamond Is The Hardest Naturally-Is The Only Abrasive Suitable For The Grinding Of Tungsten Carbide

Diamond Grinding Wheels Feature Unmatched Heat Dissipation To Ensure Slitting-Blade Stability Over The Course Of Several Million Linear Feet Of Production.


CBN Grinding Wheels Are Ideal For Extending The Life Of HSS Slitting Blades. CBN Is Harder And  Conducts Heat Away From The Cutting Edge More Quickly And Efficiently.

SHARP Can Adjust Grinding Wheel Grain Sizes To Suit Your Specific Requirements.


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According To Blades Materials Offering The Suitable Grinding Wheels For You. 


Popular Problem-Blades And Grinding Wheels:


Note 1: Short Working Life Of Razor Slitting Blades;

>>> The Grit Size Of Grinding Wheel Is Coarse And Making The Short Life Span Of Slitting Blades;

>>> Too Frequent Grinding And Grinding Pressure Is Much.


Note 2: After Slitting, The Edges Of Carton Board With Burr And Dent;

>>>> The Blades Is Not Sharp;

>>>> The Carton Board Is Not Dry.


Note 3: Knives Broken;

>>>> The Razor Slitting Blades Are Not Assembly Properly, Protect The Slitting Blades From Shocking By Hard Products;

>>>> The Grinding Wheels Are Broken


Note 4: Chips On The Cutting Edge After Grinding;

>>>> Unstable Swing Of Grinding Wheels;

>>>> The Strike Of Hard Things May Cause The Chips On The Cutting Edge.


Note 5: Zigzag Edge Of Corrugated Board;

>>>> Unmatched Strength Of Knives For The Corrugated Board With High Density.


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