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>1. Surface Grinding Wheels-1A1 Grinding Wheels;

Surface grinding is the most common of the grinding operations. It is a finishing process that uses a rotating Abrasive Wheel to smooth the flat surface of metallic or non-metallic materials to give them a more refined look by removing the Diamond or CBN Abrasive layer and impurities on work piece surfaces. This will also attain a desired surface for a functional purpose. The periphery (flat edge) of the wheel is in contact with the work-piece, producing the flat surface. Peripheral grinding is used in high-precision work on simple flat surfaces; 1A1 Type Diamond or CBN Abrasive Wheel would be your best option.

>2. Internal Grinding Wheels 1A1 or 1A8 Grinding Wheels;

ID grinding is grinding occurring on the inside of an object. The grinding wheel is always smaller than the width of the object. The object is held in place by a collet, which also rotates the object in place. Just as with OD grinding, the grinding wheel and the object rotated in opposite directions giving reversed direction contact of the two surfaces where the grinding occur

>3. Centerless Grinding Wheels;

Centerless grinding is a form of grinding where there is no collet or pair of centers holding the object in place. Instead, there is a regulating wheel positioned on the opposite side of the object to the grinding wheel. A work rest keeps the object at the appropriate height but has no bearing on its rotary speed. The workblade is angled slightly towards the regulating wheel, with the workpiece centerline above the centerlines of the regulating and grinding wheel; this means that high spots do not tend to generate corresponding opposite low spots, and hence the roundness of parts can be improved. C

>4. Tool Room Grinding Wheels-12A2, 12V2, 6A2 Grinding Wheels;

When to manufacture the Turning tool, Mill Cutters, Drills, Reamers, Flute, Gears tool room grinding wheel or different shapes are used to sharpen their cutting edges and to obtain required angle. Operations are carried out on the periphery of plain wheels, Face of Cup Wheel / Taper Cup Wheel etc.

>5. Cutting Off Wheels-1A1 R Cutting Off Grinding Wheels; 

Cutting Off Wheels could be produced in the Abrasive of Diamond and CBN. They could be applied in the cutting Silicon Carbide, Glass Tube, Ceramic and so on. In the light of work-piece, two kinds of Bond would be chosen. Metal Bond(M) and Resin Bond. 

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