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Grain Sizes of Diamond and CBN;

Diamond and CBN for cost effective stock removal;

Next to the abrasive grade, it is the grit size which largely determines the performance of the grinding wheel, the material removal rate, the efficiency of the grinding process and the ultimate quality of the surface. Guaranteeing perfect cutting capacity with predefined roughness ratio requires grit sizes with close calibration. This is achieved by screening or precision elutriation. 

To obtain a satisfactory stock removal rate and wheel infeed, it is essential to maintain a certain height of grit standing proud of the bond; This should lie between 20%-30% of the average grit diameter. If an infeed rate is excessive, the grain particles will be prematurely discarded from the bond. Basically, by using a coarser Grain Size, the stock can be removed more economically. Grain Size could be decided by the requirement of Surface Finish. The table below shows the FEPA standard grit sizes and other common grit designations and rated mesh widths.

Other Related elements to confirm a Grinding Wheel;

1) Abrasive/ Materials

2) Bond

3) Concentration

4) Shape

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