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Grinding Wheel performance and the efficiency of the grinding operation are determined to a large extent by the correct choice and the careful manufacture of the bond, as well as by the quality of the abrasive and the grit size.

>Resin Bond of Diamond Grinding Wheel &CBN Grinding Wheels;

For grinding tungsten carbide and steel materials;

High materials removal volumes at low grinding forces

For wet and dry grinding


>Metal bond of Diamond Grinding Wheel &CBN Grinding Wheels;

Highest wear resistance and profile retention

High effective forces and therefore lower materials removal volume in comparison to  synthetic resin bonds.


>Vitrified bond of Diamond Grinding Wheel &CBN Grinding Wheels;

used to manufacture abrasive coatings with defined porosities for an extremely widely range of applications especially good dressing and profiling capability, optimally suited for the conditioning of diamond dressing rollers in particular 

lower wheel wear, low grinding forces for high quality work-piece surfaces.


>Electroplated bond of Diamond Grinding Wheel &CBN Grinding Wheels;

electrolytic depositing through a layer of grain on a metallic body

very high grip for the highest possible grinding performances

for pre-grinding complex profiless with high materials removal volumes;

for finishing grinding with high precision, for example in the gear-cutting industry.

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