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Serving for High Speed Corrugated Producing Line-Grinding Wheels and Slitting Knives applied in Slitter Scorer Machine. Our Products can be matched with the producing line like, JUSTU, KAITUO, TCY, MINGWEI, JIAYOU, K&H, MARQUIP, Champion, JS, JINGSHAN etc. 


1PCS Slitting Knives will be matched with 2PCS Grinding Wheels/Grinders;

Slitting Blades or Razor Blades can be produced in the materials of Tungsten Carbide, High Speed Steel etc. For its higher hardness than HSS,

Tungsten Carbide Slitting Blades are widely used by most customers. 

Regular Model: 240*32*1.2mm




Corrugated Grinding Stones Can be produced in the materials of Diamond/CBN Abrasive with Details Technique Information:

1) Diamond Grinding Wheels-Grit D64-C;

2) CBN Grinding Wheels-Grit B76-C 

Reugar Bearings available in models of FL696ZZ, FR4ZZ, F6800ZZ, F61800ZZ etc. 


Regular Model of Corrugated Grinding Wheels:

1) 50*10*16*3.5*3mm

2) 50*10*16*4*2mm

3) 50*10*19*4*2mm

4) 70-13*20*6*3mm

5) 50*20*15*7*5mm


Slotting Knives in SKD-11 and D2 Abrasive;



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